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3 Reasons Tile Flooring Deserves Another Look
October 03, 2016

Many people think about the tile flooring from a few decades ago – basic square tiles with unappealing grout, available in just a few options. Fast forward to the present time and tile has come a long way. If you are considering several flooring options for your Tulsa area home, evaluate these factors before overlooking if tile is right for your home:


For entry ways, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces that get a lot of foot traffic, tile flooring is designed to last. Unlike carpeting, tile can stand up to wear over time in areas where people often pass through and wear patterns can form. In applications where there is moisture and wood flooring would not be recommended, tile can provide a stylish alternative to vinyl options.

Installation Options

Tile flooring installations now go beyond basic and can be customized to the space. Some of the install patterns to choose from are standard, diagonal, herringbone and staggered. It is important to remember that not all installations will use the same amount of tile for your space due to the cuts involved, so it is important to decide how you want to install it while you are selecting a product.


Tile is available in more shapes, sizes, colors, textures and patterns than you may have thought. From tile designed to look like natural stone, to traditional looks to products that look like wood, you can find choices to match your design preferences and budget. Grout is another factor to consider when selecting tile flooring, with many options to compare to decide what works best in your space.

There are many aspects to choosing new flooring for your Tulsa area home. For both style and durability reasons, tile flooring may be what you have been seeking. Whether you are just starting to look or you have a clear idea of what you want to install, visit Flooring Plus to explore our large in-stock selection. For more custom options, ask about special orders. If you are not ready to try the installation yourself, ask about professional installers who can complete the project for you. 

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