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Create a Custom-look with the Tile Flooring Installation Pattern You Choose
December 04, 2016

Material selection is only part of the decisions you need to make when choosing tile flooring for your Tulsa area home. The installation pattern you choose will make a big impact into the end result of your project. From an aesthetic impact, this can be one of the more enjoyable decisions to make. Three of the common patterns homeowners consider are:

Standard- This installation can be used with a variety of materials since it is simpler than most others. This look creates a series of well-aligned 90 degree angles and rows that are the same size and shape, using the same size tile throughout.

Diagonal- Placing square tiles to look more like diamonds can create a more unique look with a standard material.

Staggered – Traditional staggered tile installations use the same materials, but the end pieces are different sizes. As this flows throughout the space, the tiles are more staggered looking and not intersections like the straight installation.

There are also more designer-inspired patterns that are making their way into tile flooring installations. Those include Brick, Chevron, Herringbone

While patterns generally do not matter for the functionality, they directly determine the aesthetics of the space and in many cases the amount of time and materials needed to complete the job. As you are selecting a tile flooring material for your home, it is essential to figure your calculations based on the pattern you will use.

Some patterns require a lot more cutting than others, which can change the amount of materials you need to purchase. This should be evaluated along with the layout of the space – for example in a bathroom you will need to figure cuts around the toilet, and possibly a shower or tub.

The level of skill needed for tile flooring installation will also vary a lot by the pattern you choose. Many of the more designer inspired installations require more experience with tile. This is due to the ability to do several additional or specialty cuts compared to normal patterns. Your will also want to understand if there are products available to help with the spacing for each project.

When you are ready to select new tile flooring for your Tulsa area home, stop by the Flooring Plus to see our in-stock selection. Don’t see what you are looking for, we can also do special orders to find the item you are seeking. 

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