Designed to offer the look of wood or stone, laminate flooring options are considered an affordable alternative. This durable and versatile product can be used in just about any room in your home. Not only stylish, it is easy to install, clean and maintain, for an investment in your home you can appreciate now and for years to come.

Like solid wood or engineered products, there are many choices that can fit nearly any décor or design plans. You can select from narrow plank, medium plank, wide plank, traditional wood grain looks or newer distressed choices in a variety of finishes.

While laminate can be a budget-friendly substitution in appearance, there are some major differences between the products. Unlike traditional wood flooring options, laminate cannot be refinished. It varies from both traditional hardwood and engineered options in the way it is manufactured and the materials used. The majority of laminate flooring is constructed in layers, staring with a backing, followed by an inner core.

Next is the design layer which features a high resolution image. While wood is the most common image used, stone and metal are other options. The final layer is designed to protect the image hold up to the wear and tear flooring takes.

The options on the market today are far more stylish than the laminate flooring options introduced to homeowners in the 1970’s.  These advanced new choices are often selected for durability in high traffic areas including homeowners with pets who are concerned about scratches to some series of hardwood. They also have better quality imaging for an improved appearance.

Some of the higher end laminates are hard to distinguish from wood in both appearance and budget. Before selecting any product learn about any necessary underlayment or additional supplies necessary for installation.

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