Monster Home Center does more than just provide a large selection of materials for the floors in your space. We also offer several services for projects throughout the home including:

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you are looking to make a few small enhancements or want to update the entire room, kitchen remodeling can transform one of the most important spaces in your home. We help homeowners with large and small scale projects to match nearly any budget. Kitchen remodeling can be as simple as new countertops and floors, or include a floor to ceiling rework of your space to also update the cabinetry, the backsplash and more.

While the aesthetics of the space play a large role, kitchen remodels also provide the opportunity to look for ways to improve the functionality of the area. Working with a single source can help you coordinate all the materials needed as you plan your project and get each aspect of the job completed in order.

Bathroom Remodeling

Damaged or discolored vanity tops, cracked tiles or outdated decor can make your bathroom less than appealing from a style perspective. Remodeling provides you the chance to explore the vast array of new and classic materials to bring the space up to your standards.

A bathroom remodel is also an opportune time to look at fixtures which help reduce water waste to protect your budget. Choosing your flooring and vanity top at the same time is not just convenient, it can also help you achieve the style you want for the space.


Flooring that is out of style or worn can make a space look dated. Changing out materials can sometimes involve additional steps such as leveling or adding a new subfloor as part of the process. The professionals on our team have the tools and the experience necessary to make sure your new flooring is properly installed. From traditional installation to custom patterns, our team can take on the project to get it completed on time and on budget.

We can also help you estimate how much flooring you need to be certain you don’t run out of supplies before the job is complete. Monster Home Center offers optional installation for any of the materials we sell including tile, wood, laminate and vinyl, letting you rest assured the investment you are making in materials will be protected.


There are many reasons you may need sheetrock repair or installation in your Tulsa area home, and Monster Home Center can help. Whether you are working on a remodel project or looking to repair damaged sheetrock our team can get the job done.

Installing sheetrock is a multi-step process that can result in a seamless result when done right, or obvious repair cover-up when not. Bringing in an experienced sheetrock professional for repairs can make it seem like there was never an issue in that space. Common examples of repair include cracks, accidental damage and changes made to electrical behind the wall.