Few spaces in the home get as much wear and tear as the bathroom. Over time you may notice the vanity is discolored, damaged or stained. Tubs and showers can get chipped or cracked, while surrounding areas have missing grout or loose tile.

Even in good repair, bathrooms that have not been cosmetically updated for a while can be unpleasant to look at, especially if you have been enhancing other areas throughout the home. Bathroom remodeling provides the opportunity to replace damaged, worn or outdated elements and refresh the space to look more appealing. Some homeowners just choose to transform the room from basic to luxurious, creating a more spa-like bathroom.

If you have been putting off bathroom remodeling because you don’t know where to start, you may be pleasantly surprised that there are options for most needs and budgets. Beyond the aesthetic qualities, the remodel also allows you to address the functionality of the space in a few different ways.

In the planning phase of the project you can evaluate all the elements of the space. For example, if you have a tub that is rarely used, you can consider installing an oversize spa-like shower instead. Or if you find the space is in need of a tub, explore ways to reconfigure so you can have a standard or spa tub.

Smaller changes can also make a big impact. Bathroom remodeling projects are an excellent time to evaluate how much storage you have and need. Vanities, counter storage, shelving and linen closets are options to look into while discussing your specific requirements.

From a functional perspective, there is a large selection of fixtures on the market designed to reduce water waste, helping you save on utility bills. With so many to choose from, you won’t have to sacrifice style for this increased savings.

Some areas to consider for bathroom remodeling:

  • Flooring – Safety and durability should be priority. Choosing materials designed to last in the high moisture space can protect your investment over time.
  • Storage – Even larger spaces such as master bathrooms need to determine both vanity top and cabinet/closet storage needs.
  • Efficiency – Comparing fixtures can help you save long term by choosing options that conserve water without limiting performance.
  • Functionality – The layout and elements in the space should be carefully reviewed and evaluated for large scale bathroom remodeling projects.

These repairs can be more than just a simple cosmetic upgrade, they can also indicate damage behind the walls, so it is important to make sure your budget includes coverage for any unexpected issues. Double checking the ventilation in the space is another benefit of completing a bathroom remodeling project as well.

More than just a supplier for your flooring needs, we provide several other services to help you transform your home. Monster Home Center can help you achieve the look you want while working within most budgets, so you can learn to appreciate the space again. If you are thinking about bathroom remodeling, contact our team today to learn more.