Kitchens have evolved from simple spaces for preparing meals to an essential hub for cooking, serving and entertaining in many homes. With more homes featuring open concept living, kitchens are no longer tucked away, increasing the focus on the appearance of the space.

While the square footage of your kitchen may not be able to be increased, there are many updates which can improve the room have. Kitchen remodeling offers the opportunity to bring a new look to this space, address many functionality concerns and help you learn to appreciate your home again.

There are a few main elements to consider when planning a kitchen remodeling project:

  • •  Countertops – While laminate countertops have been a popular choice for decades, natural stones such as granite have become a symbol of luxury in my kitchen remodeling projects. Homeowners have the opportunity to explore a vast selection of countertop materials to meet style and budget needs. Beyond just the material, there are several details with the fabrication to evaluate as well including sink type and the edges that can complete the look you want.
  • •  Cabinetry – Comparing older kitchens with new design ideas shows a lot of changes to cabinetry. The stain or paint colors are one immediate difference to be aware of, but the door styles and installation should also be considered. Kitchen remodels are now featuring both higher cabinetry and staggered looks. Beyond the door style, there are many details to customize the installation such as slides to move items with ease and specialty options tailored to your cooking or storage needs.
  • •  Flooring – Kitchen remodeling often takes place from the floor up – meaning homeowners want the same level of luxury for their floors that they are putting in the entire project. This can include choosing materials like tile or hardwood flooring that can help showcase the space. There are also newer choices like vinyl plank flooring designed to look like wood to check out as you search for the right material for your home. There are options for nearly any budget and style preferences.
  • •  Appliances – When stainless steel made its way into many homes for appliances, it was a big change for many homeowners. Now there are even more options to choose from, as well as a range from basic through chef-inspired models to help you create the kitchen that is both attractive and functional. Planning appliances as part of your kitchen remodeling is important to consider for fabricating countertops to accommodate what you choose as well as making sure the electrical, gas and plumbing is also in place.

Whether you prefer gourmet cooking, simple meals or take-out, your kitchen likely plays a large role in your daily life as a central point in the home. Making this space both attractive and easy to work in can let you appreciate your home again. If your home’s kitchen is in need of an update, contact the team at Monster Home Center to learn more about the remodeling services we offer.