From traditional to ultra-modern and nearly every style in between, there is tile flooring available for your space. Using tile can let you update your Tulsa home with an affordable, easy-to-maintain material or provide an exquisite look that will last for years. Some of the most common options include:

Porcelain Tile- Attractive and durable, porcelain tiles are a great option for many rooms throughout the home.

Ceramic Tile – Often selected for its affordability and looks, ceramic tile can be used in multiple applications throughout your Tulsa area home.

Wood-Like Tile - If you like the look of wood, but prefer tile, then selecting a tile that looks like wood can help you get the best of both. There are many colors, lengths and grain patterns available to achieve the look you want.

Natural Stone – A high-end option, natural stone such as travertine, marble or slate can provide a stunning look in your space. Ask about sealing or other maintenance requirements for the material you choose.

Once you select a product, there are many other factors to consider. The size, shape, color, pattern and texture are all important decisions to make when you select tile flooring for your home. Remember to evaluate the space it is going in, for example a kitchen or bathroom where water can frequently end up on the floor needs a tile that is less slick.

The floors in your Tulsa area home probably get a lot of wear and tear over time. Tile has been a popular choice for many reasons. Some tile can also be used on walls and in shower or tub surrounds for a streamlined look in bathrooms or other spaces.

When choosing tile for your home, don’t forget to ask about grout and underlayment! Each product also requires different installation techniques and tools. If the DIY approach is not for you, ask about our professional installation options.

Monster Home Center carries a large variety of tile, including budget-friendly options like 12 x 12 porcelain selections, starting as low as $0.69. Stop by today and see what we have to offer.